ARTICLE 64: Community Developmental Disabilities Organizations

History of the Harvey-Marion County CDDO

The Harvey-Marion County CDDO was established in 2007 by Joint Resolution of the Commissioners of Harvey and Marion Counties.  Their intention was to create a new entity to serve the people of Harvey and Marion Counties as the single point of entry into the community developmental disability service system.  The new entity would be accountable to the public in its operations and finances, and would not be associated with any service provider.  

Prior to this time, Northview Developmental Services, Inc., a community service provider with history dating back to its founding by families in 1954, had been appointed by the Commissioners of Harvey and Marion County as the designated community developmental disability organization for the two counties. Northview held this designation following the statutory creation of community developmental disability organizations by the Developmental Disabilities Reform Act of 1995.  

In 2005, the Board of Harvey County Commissioners was approached by a group of concerned citizens and service providers stating that the appointed CDDO, Northview, was not responsive to complaints or concerns about services.  There was also discussion about whether a possible conflict of interest existed when a CDDO is also a community service provider (CSP).  

During the spring of 2006, the same group of citizens came back to the Harvey County Commission and expressed concern that nothing had changed.  On June 20, 2006, the Harvey County Commission appointed a Task Force to look at all the issues, including the possible conflict of interest when a CDDO is also a CSP. The Task Force determined that there was a conflict of interest of having a CSP also be the appointed CDDO.  The Task Force recommended to the Harvey and Marion County Commissions that the CDDO should be separate from any CSP, and that a Transition Team should be formed to create a new CDDO to serve both Counties.  

The State of Kansas SRS approved the proposal submitted by the Task Force to create a new CDDO.  The joint resolution establishing the Harvey-Marion County Community Developmental Disability Organization was passed by both the Harvey and Marion County Commissions on March 26, 2007.  The new entity, Harvey-Marion County CDDO, began operations on July 1, 2007. A quasi-governmental entity, Harvey-Marion County CDDO is subject to the Open Meetings and Open Records Acts.   

In fulfillment of the Developmental Disabilities Reform Act and Implementing Regulations, the Harvey-Marion County CDDO ensures access to and availability of services and supports from a local network of affiliated community service providers, to provide opportunities of choice to increase the independence, integration, productivity, and inclusion of persons with developmental disabilities in their homes and communities.    

Harvey-Marion County CDDO Board of Directors

  • The Harvey Marion County CDDO (HMCDDO) was organized to carry out the objectives and purposes of K.S.A. 1972 Supp. 19-4001 et seq, The DD Reform Act of 1995, Substitute for House Bill 2458, Article 64 of the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services Substance Abuse, Mental Health & Developmental Disabilities, (SAMH&DD) Rules and Regulations, the annual contract between the CDDO and the KDADS, approved by the Board of Directors. 
  • The Harvey Marion County CDDO (HMCDDO) is governed by a Board of Directors appointed by Harvey/Marion County Commissioners whose members are the sole voting members of the HMCDDO.
  • Meetings of the Harvey-Marion County CDDO Board of Directors are subject to requirements of Kansas Open Meetings and Open Records laws. Notice of board meetings is sent to The Newton Kansan and The Marion Record. Changes in regular meeting time, date, or location are publicized in the Newton Kansan and the Marion Record.
  • Regular meetings are held at 4:00 pm on the third Monday of the month, unless the third Monday falls on a holiday. If the third Monday falls on a holiday, the meeting will be held the following Monday. Special meetings may be called as needed.

HMCDDO Board Member Application

HMCDDO Board Member Application (pdf)